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Siding damage can occur in a variety of ways. Severe storms, unusually cold winters and pesky animals can all cause your siding to crack or fade. If you need to repair or replace your siding, LGZ Construction, Inc. can help. We offer siding services in the White Plains, NY area. You can rely on us to restore your siding in no time.

To get started on your siding replacement or repair, call (914) 885-7400 now. We offer free estimates.

We can work with any kind of siding

We can work with any kind of siding

You're never stuck with just one choice with LGZ Construction. We can install and repair a variety of siding. You can get:

  • Metal siding, for a modern look
  • Vinyl siding, for a clean look and the choice of a variety of colors
  • Wood siding, for a classic appearance and durable material

To learn more about our siding services, call LGZ Construction today. We also offer wooden trim installations and repairs.